Fusiref Refractories

Insulating products installation

FUSIREF applies different types of insulating products appropriate to the design of your industrial facility.

Insulating panels

  • Underlay insulation with mineral wool or rigid panels
  • Installation of microporous panels for insulation of all types of ladles

Fibrous products

  • Fibre block lining of heat treatment furnaces
  • Sealing of expansion joints in fibres
  • Fibre blanket insulation of furnace doors
  • Fibrous mastic injection in cowpers

Insulating bricks

  • Brick lining of walls in annealing furnaces
  • Brickwork lining of cracking furnaces

Insulating concretes

  • Casting of reheating furnace doors in ultralight concrete
  • Insulation of covers
  • Gunning of flues and chimneys