Fusiref Refractories


FUSIREF offers its partners the complete range of services required for the construction and maintenance of refractories for clinker furnaces using the dry and semi-wet process.

FUSIREF provides a full range of furnace maintenance services, whether it be descaling, demolition or installation of refractories for all types of plant: Rotary furnaces, precalciners, coolers, Lepol grates, mixers dryers (slag, granulate etc.).

Every year, FUSIREF lines over 400 linear metres of rotary furnace. Thanks to its four masonry arches, FUSIREF can line furnaces with diameters up to as much as 7 metres.

The maintenance and revamping of heat-exchanger furnaces is ongoing work for its multi-skilled teams, whether it be brick lining, casting (pump or mixer), dense gunning or even shotcreting.